The anxious and the avoidant

A podcast for those with opposite attachment styles.

On being in relationship. On compromising. On coexisting sustainably. On interdependence. On love.

Previous events

Live in Jenner with Special Guest David Brown of Wayward Blues

 —  —

Cafe Aquatica, 10439 CA-1, Jenner

Come see me live for my first show of 2021 with special guest David Brown of Wayward Blues.


A Change is Gonna Come Web Event-Performance at 10:30am


As an alternative for our Spring Davis Cherry Blossom Festival, this live event will focus on artists and activists promoting social justice and a more equitable world with their work. It will feature musical performances from an exciting lineup of artists and thoughtful discussion from panelists and speakers.

The event focuses on the role of artists and organizers in connecting communities and enacting solidarity, and features artists and speakers of Black, Indigenous, Asian American, Polynesian, Latinx, and Mixed Race identities, and broadly reclaims "people of color" as a solidarity-building term. The event affirms Black Lives Matter.

Panels and speakers include: -"Art and Activism in North American Taiko" with Michelle Fujii, PJ Hirabayashi, Roy Hirabayashi, and Tiffany Tamaribuchi. -"Never Again, Again: Memories of Japanese American Redress for Decarceration and Reparations" with Susan Hayase, Dr. Lisa Ikemoto, Dr. Satsuki Ina, and Janice Luszczak. -Dr. Curtiss Takada Rooks will give a talk as our keynote speaker entitled "The Stories We Tell Ourselves: The Model Minority Myth and Anti-Blackness."

Performances by: AkaMya (Sage Andrew Romero), Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan (featuring collegiate taiko players), Busy Lighthouse, Davon, Fo Fera, Güero, Hear in Color, iraya, katgrüvs, The Midnight Dip, Natasha Greer, Sacramento Taiko Dan, SunBabi, Trace Repeat, TheH!veM!nd, Yuppie Liberation Front

Registration for the Zoom Webinar will give you access to Q&A and chat features. The event will also be streamed to YouTube, and a Discord Watch Party will be hosted simultaneously as a companion event if you want to discuss over chat or voice room.

This program is supported, in part, by a grant from the City of Davis Arts and Cultural Affairs Program. It is also sponsored, in part, by the Manetti Shrem Museum's interACT program. Additional funding provided by UC Davis Global Affairs and the Davis Food Co-op.

A Night of Alternative Folk Soul with Fo Fera

 —  —

Kaleidoscope Coffee, 109 Park Place, Richmond

Join local multi-lingual singer-songwriter, Fo Fera, for an evening of original songs. Being compared to the likes of Laura Nyro, Patti Smith, and Aldous Harding, her free format melodies captivate her audience and entice the soul. This is an evening not to miss. All ages welcome.


Fo Fera Mini Album Release Party

 —  —

Up The Creek Records, 1840 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA

Fo Fera will be performing her debut album this month that bridges Aldous Harding’s songwriting style with Oh Wonder’s delicate vocals. She successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance it, and recorded the songs at 25th Street Recording in Oakland. Self-described as alternative folk-soul, Fo Fera has refined her songwriting skills over seventeen years as an artist who has gone through multiple musical personas. Her love ballads are soulful and ethereal in a loosely structured melodic format that is similar to a freeform poetic format. Her show in 2019 was among the best we had, come hear some great music and celebrate our local musicians rising in the world.


Radio Appearance KNYO Fort Bragg 107.7

KNYO, Fort Bragg

Tune in to KNYO on Tuesday, the 23rd for Fo Fera's second radio appearance. She will be performing her new song "Ode to Fort Bragg", discussing her songwriting process, and more.

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About the Artist

Multilingual storyteller Fo Fera has entered her third decade of songwriting, curating her craft, sound, and audience. Inspiration strikes at random, and she spends that time in deep reflection to connect with her innermost thoughts. By over-sharing, she connects us to our darkest emotions, most commonly felt when in a tumultuous relationship. Her new mission is to connect with the inner shadow, the parts we try to hide, and will be releasing her work collectively in 2021.

“Poetry flows through my veins. It is my dream, my creative expression. My dream is to create, and to lift those who are feeling as low as I feel at the darkest hour. Music heals our wounds, it brings us together, it brings us joy, and is our safe place. I write from the dark places where my mind tries to escape and hide. It helps me grieve, and heal, as I grieve slower than most. I would like to create a safe space for everyone. Your own personal escape. Welcome to your escape.” -Fo Fera

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