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About the Artist

Multilingual storyteller Fo Fera has entered her third decade of songwriting, curating her craft, sound, and audience. Inspiration strikes at random, and she spends that time in deep reflection to connect with her innermost thoughts. By over-sharing, she connects us to our darkest emotions, most commonly felt when in a tumultuous relationship. Her new mission is to connect with the inner shadow, the parts we try to hide, and will be releasing her work collectively in 2021.

“Poetry flows through my veins. It is my dream, my creative expression. My dream is to create, and to lift those who are feeling as low as I feel at the darkest hour. Music heals our wounds, it brings us together, it brings us joy, and is our safe place. I write from the dark places where my mind tries to escape and hide. It helps me grieve, and heal, as I grieve slower than most. I would like to create a safe space for everyone. Your own personal escape. Welcome to your escape.” -Fo Fera

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