The Journal

Remembering The Year That Wasn't 

My dear friend Nancy coined 2020 as "the year that wasn't". I am not sure if there is anything closer to brilliance to encapsulate the emotions of 2020. For the most part, 2020 was just another year. I spent an extensive amount of time writing off the fact that I had missed out on huge opportunities to advance my music career, travel, and live gigs in some of my favorite places. I also wrote some new songs, coming from a new perspective, of what I like to call mid-life. 2020 was a huge loss, and now looking at all of my reminders of places to contact for gigs, I am learning to exhale with the reality that these things may never happen in the future. So many of my beloved music venues, places I have wanted to play at for two decades will be closing due to the tremendous loss of income the pandemic has brought into small business owner's lives. We all transformed and evolved last year whether we were ready for it or not. I want you to know that no matter what you are feeling, your feelings are valid. This is hard, this is sad, and this too shall pass.

For me, 2020 was not my worst year ever. I have had much more challenging years that pushed my mind to the brink of insanity, and as I descended back to earth, I wrote my best work yet. I do hope you will join me for my musical journey in 2021, and If I can ask you one thing, I ask that you join me on YouTube to enjoy all that I have to offer. I had this magical plan to share new music in January and then my iMac crashed, but you will hear from me very soon.

With appreciation,

Fo Fera