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An introduction to the podcast and what you can expect from the show in 2023 and beyond!

Hello and welcome to On Creativity. This is a podcast on being creative for left and right brains alike.  Here, we deep dive into the idea that being multifaceted and not specializing in one thing in particular can equally be fulfilling. Everyone has value in the ways they show up in the world, and creativity does not only extend to art. It goes beyond art.

This podcast offers stories on interesting people who are in my world and whom I feel curious about. You will notice this is completely unscripted and my hope is that this offers you the ability to lean back and enjoy being. 

Life places an immense amount of pressure on us to be sure about everything. The older I get the more I realize I am sure about nothing. I would like us to rewrite the narrative of needing to be sure about life and that mistakes are all bad. For me, mistakes have pointed me in the direction I need to be heading in, have redirected me, and have gently and not so gently nudged me along the path on this windy journey called life.

Being creative calls for mistakes and is a neccessary part of creating art. Art is messy, life is messy, and in finding ourselves, sometimes things get a bit unclear, but it is okay and things will get better and improve. 

I hope you find something in these conversations that sparks you to try something new, or return to something that you used to love immensely.

About your Host

My name is Serah. I am writer, poet, and musician performing under the artist name Fo Fera. I am also the creative director of Bambini Del Mare an area for my musings on slow intentional fashion and my exploration in ceramics. I studied Apparel Design and Merchandising and am back in school once more in my 30's with a teenager in high school.

I am an intense human, and feel everything very deeply. It has made life quite a journey, and I am learning how to be a better human day by day.

I’m based in Northern California now, but most likely in the car heading to my next adventure somewhere far, new, and unknown.

I am back in school studying Linguistic Anthropology and I have always been fascinated with the human condition.

As a Gemini, I have always enjoyed connecting to myself by exploring various mediums, and I have noticed an immense amount of shame and pressure on those of us who want to live a bit more of a free life to make a choice and decide on no lane in particular.

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Onwards and upwards!


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